Get ready for the unique experience of musical trading cards. Each pack contains three cards along with the three songs related to each card. 

Inspired from NFT's but built off a peer to peer blockchain and ledger operated by the artist. 

Collect all seven cards in the first ever "Sunshine Pack". 


Each token/card is a way of supporting the arts the same as investing in a stock. Each card is a currency and a way to invest directly with the artist.

The Sunshine Pack is as unique as any collection can be. It looks to shape an industry where artists have the infrastructure of a trading post where art is rare and collectable.

Imagine a Spotify where only the songs you own are available to your community and vise versa; where an artist can limit the amount of supply and create a demand doing without oversaturating the market.  

This will lead to an ongoing community of curiosity and authentic connection. It will bring together like-minded tribes and a new culture.

The Sunshine Pack looks to spearhead a new movement where artists prosper with dignity and abundance.


The Sunshine Pack has a limit of only 50 collections available (meaning that only 50 copies of the seven tracks will be available and owned).

Each buyer is encouraged to trade and sell these unique tokens through the exclusive trading community.


There is one bonus track randomly distributed as a one-of-a kind super rare find.  

how it works

Each buyer will be sent a certificate of authentication which carries a unique signature and code that will allow the buyer to trade and resell. A Discord forum will also be available as a community bulletin for trades and sales.


A contract is established allowing the buyer the rights of ownership and resale. The buyer does not own any other rights to the song more than exclusive access to the art and resale.


All files must be secured and protected by the buyer and the seller.