I often wonder what a singer-songwriter is.

There is even a genre for it.

I used to think a singer-songwriter was a person who sings and writes their own songs (Carol King, Neil Young, Paul Simon, John Mayor) by accompanying themselves on an instrument.

I now see hip-hop and R&B vocalists calling themselves singer-songwriters. As I am sure they are writing songs by coming up with lyrics and melody. I am still a bit confused as to what this means. It's like, I often rap but I would never put "rapper" in my tagline. Many of us do many things and that's the beauty of being a creative. So the art of narrowing down what you do to a readable sentence has always been the great challenge.

Baylii (singer-songwriter-recording artist-producer-arranger-audio editor-mixer-bassist-drummer-sampler-video editor-graphic designer) seems a bit meaningless


Baylii (hybrid songwriter-producer) comes across a bit more delivered.

Why not the "singer-songwriter" one might ask? Well, because you can clearly tell I am a singer when you hear the songs and see me perform. And I miss the days when pop artists called themselves "recording artists" instead of singer-songwriters. It's hard to call yourself a singer-songwriter when you have seven other writers taking part in the production.

I would very much like to call myself a singer-songwriter once again because that really is what I am. I write songs from the guitar to the stage. I write my own songs with little to no help. I write from funk to folk and all in between. If there is one genre that could really help solidify what I do; singer-songwriter.

Hopefully that lane will come back to us artists who are not trying to be pop or country artists but just trying to write meaningful stuff.