Living with passion

What is your dream?

It seems we all have dreams but many feel unworthy of them. Why do we give up so early when we want something? And why do some try too hard to never reach the goal? It's strange to think that we are so small in the universe, so connected, and sometimes so out of reach to things that should be obtainable.

The more you focus on your goals the more you'll see there is no destination. Your dream is the journey. Whether you succeed or fail it is the passion of pursuit that gives your life meaning.

Let's take a famous athlete for example. Someone twenty years of age is offered 100 million dollars to spend the next ten years scoring goals for their team. Where is the destination? Is the destination in the contract? Is the destination the championship? Is the destination in the new advertisement deals and fame? Is the destination retirement? After retirement, then what?

Without passion, all these goals are the same as anyone else. You could be a mechanic and live with more passion than a billionaire or a celebrity if you love what you do. It's the passion that keeps up motivated and inspired. It's the passion that gives us taste and feeling. It's the passion that possesses emotion.

To have true passion is to have a true feeling. Passion is like the weather. It's not always going to be sunny. Passion dislikes things and works hard to nurture its seeds in order to bare the best fruit possible. At the end of the day, passion is working with god; never knowing what will be best as every circumstance requires a new approach. Passion is never knowing the answer but trying as best as possible to learn from the process. The more you approach life with passion the more you will intuitively achieve from an effortless perspective. Living with passion is believing that you are a messenger solving one of the many mysteries of life.

True passion is invincible.

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