A Cool Read

photo by Adam Jang

Recently I started using new platforms such as Audius and LUM. I am looking into the cool new platforms that aren't controlled by the corporate elite.

This is a writeup from the site coil (which I have never used).

"I am SO tired of these stupid algorithms, my posts never get seen anymore!"

"I wish we could go back to when I actually SAW my friends posts. Now they're just buried in between ads."

"If I see one more ad for something I just talked about, I'm going to throw my phone across the room. They need to stop listening to us!"

"Ya, I got demonetized for posting something they didn't like. It went against the agenda."

"It takes me forever to get paid for my music and even worse, when I do get paid, it's barely anything. Sometimes it feels like I'm doing this all for nothing."

These are ALL things that have been said to me or that I have said at one time or another. The fact is, we don't have much control over our social media anymore and to make matters worse, there is a clear agenda that is coming into the light that shows we are being pointed in a very specific direction of thinking. Companies are being paid off to censor content or people that goes against that agenda- resulting in a big pond of sitting ducks going whichever way the bread crumbs "fall".

And what about musicians and other creatives who work their butts off only for their content to get pushed to the bottom of the barrel or to be told they have to pay for ads to be seen? How are they ever supposed to make any money?

You see, we live in a world where we don't want to pay for any content, because we think that everything we're taking in is free. And maybe that is the case in one sense, we aren't physically handing over any money to scroll through say, Instagram or Facebook. But what about the things you can't see that are being handed over? Like your personal information? Passwords? Etc. What about all of the data they're tracking.. and selling?

We've all had the experience of talking to a spouse or friend about let's say, quesadillas, and then two minutes later you see ads for Chipotle, Moe's and that cute quesadilla maker from Bed Bath & Beyond on your favorite social media platform. Ya. That's not a coincidence. Or what about the next day when you're not on that same platform, but you're just online shopping and lo and behold, there's that same ad on the side of your screen for that cute quesadilla maker. Ya, that's the problem I'm talking about.

It goes WAY beyond quesadillas. It infringes on medical and privacy rights, political agendas, you name it, they've got it in some system. Because we're allowing them access to it.