Adam Bailie loves his community. He performs live to some of the wealthiest individuals in the world at the Pacific Rim lounge in downtown Vancouver. He also goes out and donates his time to the downtown east side supporting various events from marching for missing women, feeding the disadvantaged and volunteering a performance for a noble cause anytime he's available.

“Vancouver is juxtaposed. You have one side that has enormous amounts of wealth and another that is either living at rock bottom or just getting by,” says Bailie. “It would be nice to see some more equality and a vibrant middle class but at the end of the day I have to live with it and I feel like I got to find common ground and get along with everyone as best as I can. We are all human and in this together.”


Vancouver wasn’t always home though. Adam is a native to the greater Toronto area in Ontario. He spent his early life growing up with his mother who would tell him stories, sing to him and introduce him to spiritual teachings. His father, a drummer who owns and runs a drum shop, Soul Drums in Toronto would inspire and instigate his musical curiosity. Adam has a unique approach to the guitar that can often feel more like a percussive instrument than anything melodic.

Combining his love for words and music was a natural progression for Adam to start writing songs from an early age. He performed in bands throughout high school and college in the Toronto Area. You name it, he played there. In college, his writing started to take off. He had won a car by writing a jingle for a car company. He had starred and co-written the top 20 summer anthem “Summer Vibes”, on Canadian Hit Radio. He had also started producing and mixing records for other artists.  

Around 2010, Adam gravitated to the west coast of Canada for personal reasons. He felt connected with nature and the forest, mountains, and ocean complimented his lifestyle of trail running, campfire sessions, and warmer winters. Adam loves traveling the islands and along the coast while performing music in all big and small communities along the way. To a man who lives out of a suitcase for most of the year - B.C. feels like home. 

Adam connects with like minded brands and people that wish to collaborate on important issues. These issues may include environmental sustainability, community building, health and nutrition. Through the cross-promotion and teamwork, Adam can help influence a more vibrant and engaged community. Adam believes that all issues are tied together and health is the main cause of any problem we face.

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