"Music can seem overwhelming at times. It can be observed as a commodity other than an experience - something to fill the void and disrupt our silence.


In an age of overabundance it is often challenging to decide what to listen to; let alone have the attention for a full-album.

The idea that marketing and advertising are the only way into the hearts and souls of others has made music a controlled substance. The media conducts our musical experience and can now hijack your emotions using corporate influence. 

Some artists do still preserve the art in the traditional sense. Some of them believe that perfect tuning and rhythm are as plastic as its packaging. A true craftsman allows the music to brand itself instead of the brand defining the product.

There are still a handful of artists out there who refuse to buy into the latest music business model."  


Adam Bailie is a west coast singer-songwriter in Vancouver, Canada. His percussive acoustic guitar, signature vocal sound, and modern effects (vocoder, loop pedal) make him one of the most unique and refreshing artists to look out for. 

Review: https://www.northislandgazette.com/entertainment/adam-bailie-shines-on-stage-with-backing-band-at-gate-house-theatre/

Bailie has been performing songs live for over two decades as a full-time music artist. Some artists that inspire him include Bob Marley, Van Morrison, Chris Stapleton, Outkast, Sublime, Eddie Vedder and James Brown.

As a recording artist, Adam has decided not to release his many albums onto third party streaming networks but he instead exclusively releases his music through a subscription based program off of his website for two-dollars a month.

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